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Get access to a team of experts in Accountancy, Taxation, Bookkeeping, and Business Strategy.


It is essential to understand your financial situation if you want to manage your business well. To accomplish this, you need financial records that are precise, insightful, and give you the data you need to track progress and make wise business decisions.

Bookkeeping and Accounts Bureau

Any effective firm, whether it is just getting started or is an established one, must have access to reliable, current financial information.


We will combine your knowledge and experience with our technological know-how to offer unbiased guidance on a range of topics.

Tax Planning

Tax preparation is a crucial part of managing your business’s finances as a business owner. You may create a tax planning strategy that optimizes your savings and reduces your tax liability with the aid of Timmins & Co. Chartered Accountants.

Tax Returns

Our accounting and tax advisor team at Timmins & Co Chartered uses an integrated approach to tax arrangements, which includes completing your tax returns, determining liabilities, and filing your returns before the due dates.

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